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GTA:IV Showroom

This forum is dedicated to people who want to show off their completed GTA:IV mods.

Showroom Rules
  • Users are permitted to one (1) thread per major project
    • A major project is defined as any project consistent where any entity involved has a consistent theme, or the intent is to release together
    • Users may utilize one showroom thread as their only thread for all showcasing
  • You must post your own content
    • You are not permitted to showcase work of other's, unless the project is a collaboration between two or more parties
  • When posting showcase screenshots, you must provide some sort of description/narrative of changes/updates that have been made
  • Only one post is to be created for every update to prevent screenshot/content spam
  • You are subject to constructive criticism and comments from the public
    • By creating showroom threads, you agree that users are allowed to comment, suggest, and criticize your work respectfully

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