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  • XP System

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    I know you had an XP system and have recently removed it but I think it was a good idea. I would just change how it worked and affected players.


    Gain XP:

    • Arrests
    • Kill suspect
    • Tow callout related vehicle
    • Revive Suspect
    • Remove body of suspect

    Lose XP:

    • Arrest someone without reason(not wanted, part of a callout etc)
    • Kill non suspects
    • Tow vehicles that dont need towing
    • Hit AI cars(not suspect/callouts realted ones)
    • Ticket people without reason
    • Call for services for no reason

    Gaining XP wont change your rank unless the department admin sets it to

    Getting a XP level to low kicks you from the department/server(if department admin sets it)


    I fell this would make it more benifical to players to do the right thing

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    • Development Team

    While XP system can be useful in many situations, we would rather not add it again, not to mention that players can easily glitch and gain XP. The current system is very easy to use and its less buggy than the previous.

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