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  • Traffic Stop Developments

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    Extra things to happen on a traffic stop. As it stands now, when a player initiates a traffic stop, FivePD only has a trigger for if a vehicle pursuit will start, and if shots will be fired in that pursuit. If the ped pulls over, there will be nothing else that can happen outside of a (for lack of a better term) "routine stop". I suggest that some work go into the traffic stop ped AI so things can happen such as:


    -The driver and/or passenger get out a flee on foot after pulling over.

    -The driver stops and drives off when you approach the window or if you take too long to approach.

    -Vehicle occupants get out with a weapon in hand. Gun or knife. (May or may not use said weapons against you.)

    -Occupant gets out, shoots at you once or twice then flees.

    -Occupant shoots at you when you are at the window.

    -Occupant is having a medical emergency.

    -During a vehicle pursuit the driver stops to let the passenger out and then continues on.

    -During a vehicle pursuit the driver ditches the vehicle and flees on foot or tries to blend in if no on duty officer has a visual.

    -During a foot pursuit, suspect may attempt to steal another ped's vehicle.


    There should also be an observation alert to warn the player sometimes as well, such as "The driver is reaching for something in the vehicle." This alert should only happen sometimes, to allow the suspect to grab a weapon in a way where they are not noticed. This alert could also happen even if they are not reaching for a weapon. They may simply be getting their registration out of the glove compartment.


    The chance of any of these things happening should be kept low. The violent offenses lower than the rest, and if possible respect given to the type of peds in the vehicle. (A gang member more likely to be violent or flee for example.) Also if possible, respect given to officer presence. More officers in the area equals suspect less likely to resist. However, if the suspect has a warrant, then more likely to resist.


    I know that the first four examples are possible as someone I know, who wishes his work to remain private at this time, has been able to successfully code it.


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    Note: Although this is marked as "Accepted", there is no timeframe as to when this could be added. However, it will be implemented in the near future.

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