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  • Stopping cars on foot

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    hello people of gpm (excluding ray)


    Is there anyway 2.0 can include the ability to stop cars on foot? For example, I want to have a DUI checkpoint however I cannot stop cars on foot to breathalyze them. I'd have to have someone in a car, initiate the stop, then wait for them to pull over somewhere down the road, not in the checkpoint. Or maybe the ability to use the breathalyzer / drug stuff without stopping the ped?

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    One thing you can currently do, is set up a speedzone to stop traffic. You will need to get the driver out of the car at gunpoint to stop them to issue a breathalyzer. The driver should enter their car again after you dismiss them as long as you have not placed them in cuffs.


    I would also like to see a passive stopping option when I am next to a driver's (or passenger's) door on foot without needing to draw my weapon.

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