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  • Stop Peds in Vehicles & Computer Display

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    During my Time playing over these last couple of days me and my buddies were trying to do a DUI Checkpoint. When we set up everything with the props we then started to try and stop the peds in their cars while they were driving through. After a couple of attempts we noticed that the Icon would appear showing that the ped has stopped for you and you can interact with them but, They do not actually stop. the vehicle will continue to drive off. I think it would be an amazing thing to be able to stop the ped and be able to breathalyze and Drug test them while they are in the Vehicle. This would make DUI Checkpoints possible as well as other scenarios of that sort. 


    Most people in my opinion would appreciate this addon that way nobody has to make a callout for DUI Checkpoints. Thank you for you time and your support. I appreciate what you all are doing for  this community.


    Another nice addon to FivePD would be able to have a screen in the computer for people that are a high enough rank or just every officer that shows all the officers and the call outs or things that they are doing or if they are available. For example for all my real LEO that might see this almost like a Spillman Main screen or just a Dispatch type page. Where you can see who is doing what and where they are doing it. You should be able to mark yourself busy and put a description of where you are located and what you are doing. For Example, If you are doing a DUI Checkpoint you should be able to open the computer make a little call description with where you are located and what is going on from that point other officers can click on that call/scenario and be able to mark it on the GPS .


    Example text and Photo


    [Location/Postal] [City/Jurisdiction] [Call Description] [Callsign/Unit Number] 

    EX: [300 Joshua RD] [Sandy Shores] [Traffic Stop] [D-1]



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    First suggestion regarding DUI checkpoints.


    Put a speedzone down for 0mph with a short radius (roughly the size of the lane's width), any vehicles entering the speedzone will stop, you can then approach them, do your thing and when done, using the same menu as the speedzones, you can "let car go" it will then ignore the speedzone and drive off.


    Second Suggestion:

    Already WIP...


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    Yes I understand that you can stop the vehicles with the speed zone but, I feel that you should be able to set a Speed zone of 10 MPH. Then we should be able to step infront of the car and hold E to stop them and be able to do my Drug Test and Breathalyzer Test. IF they fail you arrest them, do the report, call the tow truck, etc. If they pass we should be able to Dismiss the ped from the stop and they drive off.


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