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  • Station System, Full Station Job setup

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    Hello my suggestion is a full station setup for FivePD below I will explain how it will work


    General suggestion:

    So whenever someone joins the server for the first time one main issue we run into is that people have issues/trouble on how they are able to join a department without being in a rezed emergency service vehicle, so my suggestion is a full station setup.

    So how that could work is whenever someone logs onto the server they can head to any 'listed' station and within the station or even outside the station would be a kiosk or interactable circle that once activated will ask them which department they would like to join.


    More of the "System" suggestion expanded:

    This could be expanded on, people could go to the station TOGO on duty, once activating the kiosk or interactive circle the player would be taken into the locker room to select department Peds (Or EUP if possible), then it takes them to select the desired loadout (Patrol, Task Force, SWAT, ect), then perhaps a garage to select a department vehicle (To be rezzed outside the station or have a config with adjustable cords)

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