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  • SAFD Integration

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    Add a SAFD side to FivePD


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    Not a FivePD developer this is just my personal opinion:


    I disagree that this should be added and here is why;

    1) it would require them to build a fire system because they wouldn't be able to rely on an outside resource.

    2) The fire side of it has just as many complex scripting requirements as the police side. Besides having fire fighting, medical, and vehicle collision stuff, you have the small stuff like wellness checks, cats in trees, etc

    3) I'm not saying this is a bad idea, in fact I'd love to see it but it's best for the GPMDS to focus on 2.0 until they have that sorted.


    Now with that, I'd love to hear your ideas as far as the features you'd like to see as far as this goes. Who knows maybe we can revisit this later and see what happens (again talking about me personally not GPM as a whole).


    Please feel free to DM if you'd like



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