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    I've been in the QBCore Community for a while now, they are pushing insane updates making it probably the best framework out. It honestly out does ESX. They have so many scripts that people have made for the framework that immense RP. One of them is called qb-target. This resource is insane, you can do so much with the target system with vehicles, peds, box zones and setting them up a stations... QBCore also by default has a nice job system for could easily lock stuff to the PD Job. QB also has a nice inventory system that could be used for searching the peds and vehicles (make actual items that can be taken out of the peds or out of their vehicles).  I think the plugin would help all the small servers using QBCore now with low player counts they would be able to have their cops be able to do something while civilians aren't doing anything. I know that the maintainer of the framework Kakorat is a really chill guy, He would most likely love to partner with GTA5PoliceMods & QBCore. Whats the difference between ESX & QBCore?. After using QB for so long I can say that is way better with performance and general gameplay.

    Any questions or concerns hit me up on discord! Im happy to share my ideas and opinions. And i'd love to help as I know alot of the framework! 
    Discord : Hyper#7533

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    There are communities out there that have successfully built plugins to incorporate FivePD and QBCore already. Most of these integrations are not public but it proves that it is possible. Meaning that anyone that wants to could do what they did, build and release an integration plugin

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