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  • Police Stations

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    I looked but didnt see anything on this subject, so I figured I would post about it. 
    Instead of having weapon loadouts, vehicles, uniforms in the fivepd "F11" menu I think it would be better for RP if the police stations had these things in certain areas. 

    Armory - Would be nice to be able to walk into a police station and go into a police lock up and pull out weapons and maybe uniforms. 

    Locker Room - Have a place to change multiple uniforms based on what you are RP'n as that day. (Sheriff, LSPD, Highway Patrol, Drug Enforcement etc.) 

    Garage - Have the police vehicles either parked outside or a garage to spawn them from. (Add a way for people to even add custom vehicles?)

    Jail Cells - A place for criminals to have their pictures taken and locked up via police on the server. 

    These are just some suggestions again, im not sure if these are planned or if you guys would even be interested but I think it would add more to the RP instead of having to pull a menu up mid stream or something like that. 


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    I believe it was said by @Natixco that the uniform changer would be removed in 1.1 as there are things such as EUP and vMenu to change ped appearances. The rest of these seem to be more external scripts rather than something FivePD would do. Mainly because not all police stations have that big of an interior as it is and some servers have custom ymaps and such installed to make their nap look different.

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    2 hours ago, Natixco said:

    As  @TheCipher01  said only a few stations have interiors, because of this we can't make all of these possible, but we'll look into this in the future.

    Thank you, I can understand if not all police stations, but the ones that currently have access or the room to do so would be awesome! I mean could there be a possibility or an option to like set the locations for these said things by using a position/location axis? Say if someone is using a ymap they could go in and add these positions to their ymaps? I dont know if that could be a thing but still be cool. 

    Thank you for the response. 

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    • Community Administrator
    57 minutes ago, BaldedEagle said:

    Any updates on the status? 

    Howdy, all FivePD updates are carefully planned. If the FivePD team does use your suggestion; which even if it's "accepted" doesn't mean it's guaranteed; a date/update version won't announced. Don't worry the team is tinkering away on FivePD.

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    • Development Team

    I'm not going into details and certainly not promise anything, but I can say that the "Garage" idea has been accepted. We'll only update the suggestion status if all ideas have been reviewed.

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