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  • Peds revivable by player

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    I was wondering if adding a CPR function or a similar feature could be added to the 'G' Main Menu. Police should be able to provide some sort of medical attention to a suspect or even a downed ped and be able to revive them, possibly with a lower chance (maybe configurable for departments with a percentage), and if the player still can't get them revived, the dispatch ambulance has a much higher chance since they have training for it. For traffic accidents, LEO's are usually first out on scene and can start CPR on a crash victim until firefighters can arrive on scene and provide better medical attention to the victim. 
    I have used Abels Question Menu CPR function and it seems to get peds up with a pretty low chance, but the dispatch menu seems to gets them up at a way higher chance. In my server, I do have a couple buddies who like to RP as FD / Paramedics and I think this function would not only be a great addition to servers alike, but also to FivePD.

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