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    When you are working with your MDT, if you are able to have the background be transparent so that you can see your surroundings in the game. An example is being able to have it transparent so that you can read the LP of a car you pulled over without having to go in and out of your MDT. 


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    So you know it actually works i just ran this dudes name. 

    If this is what you are looking for. 
    all you have to do is edit your database
    Go to "Departments" 
    go to IMGUR or a picture hosting site of your choice. 
    upload the MDT background image and wallpaper that you want. 
    copy the URL and paste it into your "background" and "wallpaper" in your database. 

    it should look similar to how mine looks here. 



    clear MDT working.png

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    What did you use to make the background transparent like that. Got my wallpaper changed, but was wondering on your background how you have it transparent.



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    Oh wait, I actually noticed  you have both transparent, that would be ideal, just not sure how you got all of these transparent. I guess maybe try the images you are using??


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    Ok, so figured out the wallpaper and now shows in game using your images for both but still not able to get the actual background transparent. Tried using the image you show on your screenshot but background is still that grey / black background, not transparent.


    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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