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  • MDT Department Listings + "On Scene" Report

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    2 for 1 as they tie in together.


    1) MDT should have a "Department" tab with your chosen department. Containing:

    • Player listing of all players in that department in rank order
    • If they're online/on duty
    • Activity - i.e patrolling/responding/on scene etc
    • Bonus - Activity could display time since last reported. See * for potential usage.


    2) Ability to update control room when on scene.

    • Manually done by player (API automatic variant would be helpful for certain high speed callouts but not critical as for realism player's should do it themselves)
    • Changes "Responding" in dispatch panel (top left) to "On Scene"
    • Plays simple "10-4" audio or similar
    • Updates MDT department tab with your activity. This way players can see if you're fully on scene or if you haven't made it yet. * This would be useful with the activity time feature, if a player hasn't reported as on scene for x minutes, why not? Welfare check for the player? Could add a button to the MDT to ping the player with a notification from you "is everything ok? Need backup?" etc
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