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  • Give certain pedestrians a higher chance to flee

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    Give pedestrians who damaged the player in any way a 100 % chance (or a in general just a higher chance) to take off, if the player tries to pull them over/stop them.

    1. A pedestrian becomes impatient, while waiting at a player made roadblock and decides to just drive through the barriers. He hits a player with his vehicle and tries to "flee", after another player aimed his weapon at him. This pedestrian is now hell bent on getting as far away from the scene as possible (He wont even yield to lights & sirens). 
    2. A pedestrian decides to pick a fight with you, because you ran into him/her and punches you in the face once. You pull your taser and aim it at him. He decides to make a run for it.

    In both of these situations the pedestrian is obviously trying to run from you (The Police). However, currently you can still easily stop him/her by initiating a pull over (Example 1) or by pressing E "Stopping The Ped" (Example 2) and the pedestrian will stop and act like nothing ever happened. 


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