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  • Download FivePD NO install instructions

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    Could you please put the install instructions in the README file. Because I was looking for how to install and I still cannot find them. I know that it is has always been there. In the README or install file. Also people have been doing this sense the early years of Computer they have done this.



    Thank you,



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    There are multiple sources on gtapolicemods.com (YouTube excluded for a second) that provide you with enough information to install FivePD.

    Example 1: 


    Example 2:



    Example 3:


    Example 4: 



    The download itself, which includes the following .PDF;



    which will lead you here:



    Of course, we could easily write a 10-page long README that can be read offline in the .zip, but since most FivePD user are either new to FiveM or server setups, the easiest way is the page above, which includes a video tutorial, a written step-by-step guide and even some help.


    Thank you.

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    Never mind that is not what I mean. Thank you I will go to YouTube because I can't find the information.


     This was not Suggestion that I want this was a Suggestions for everyone so it was more clearer.


    Thank you,




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