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  • Default loadout, ped spawned, and spawn location based on department

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    Ok so in this scenario lets say you have 6 departments:

    1. LSPD

    2. LCSO
    3. BCSO
    4. SAHP
    5. FIB
    6. IAA

    When a member joins one of those departments their character would default to (configurable) a ped modal below (as example)

    1. s_m_y_cop_01
    2. s_m_y_sheriff_01

    3. s_m_y_ranger_01

    4. s_m_y_hwaycop_01
    5. s_m_m_fibsec_01
    6. s_m_m_ciasec_01


    Then based on their departments they could spawn at:

    1. police station

    2. sheriffs station

    3. sheriffs station

    4. hwy patrol station

    5. FIB building

    6. IAA building


    These defaults can be saved to the fivepd.departments sql database



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    Seems like an interesting idea, only thing is there is no actual "Hwy" police station so some communities may not want this to be the case.
    Having a config which can be edited to change these types of spawns etc. would really make it better.

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