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  • Calling Services Dispatch Menu Idea

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    I know this probably wouldn't work in the MDT, but would in the Dispatch Menu.
    When calling services, have a menu come up in Dispatch Menu that when you select a service, you can assign a stopping point and pickup/heal point.

    Tow - Call Tow > Assign Stopping Point (stand where you want it to stop) > Assign Vehicle To Be Towed (stand so vehicle is in front of you) > Pickup Vehicle (Tow Drives off).
    Ambulance - Call Ambulance > Assign Stopping Point (stand where you want it to stop) > Attempt CPR (stand near body and if revived, ambulance takes ped) > Dismiss Ambulance (medic gets back in ambulance and leaves).

    Coroner -  Call Coroner > Assign Stopping Point (stand where you want it to stop) > Pick Up Body (stand near body to be picked up) > Dismiss Coroner (coroner gets back in van and leaves).

    Transport - Call Transport > Assign Stopping Point (stand where you want it to stop, ped gets out and picks up cuffed ped as usual).

    I've seen these in another AI Interaction script, so it can work and has worked very well.

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    The services work in this way except the "Assign stopping point" part, they go to that position where you were standing at the moment of requesting. For the ambulance I don't see a reason to take away the peds, it's just a game and you would have to call a lot of ambulances.

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