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  • Animations - Police Computer Language

    Berkay Ocak
    • Pending

    in the next update; we are handcuffing NPCs, but it does not pretend to be handcuffed. And some animations didn't happen. We want you to do these things. I want the animations to be completely accurate. The animations used to unscrew the clamp are the same as when the NPC is clamped.
    I'm trying to comply with the EULA agreement, and I want to point out the mistakes.

    They are sitting in vehicles, although their hands are handcuffed. they can open the door. It's like they don't have handcuffs on.

    I want to change the language of the computer in the opened tool, but in order to do this, I have to break the EULA agreement, and I want it to be updated. I want to change the language of the computer with the incoming update.

    i'm using a translation, and I'm sorry if I made a mistake.


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