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    I know if seems something similar suggestion but perhaps not worded the same way. 

    I would love to see the ability to adjust the vehicle and ped chance to flee/shot/attack/surrender for different scenarios. For example, I would love to give vehicles only a 10% chance to flee from a random traffic stop but still allow more violent crimes with a high percentage of a shootout/attacking the officer. Give things like reckless driving/drunk drivers a lower chance to flee. Every misdemeanor shouldn’t escalate into a felony by default. 


    While fleeing, suspects could have their run speed reduced by 15-20%. Realistically, a trained police officer would have the fitness of an average athlete. They are far more likely to be able to catch/outrun a suspect.(this would reduce the need for most chances to end in shooting the suspect with a taser).


    With several response adjustments it would make FivePD servers differ from one another more than just by the cars and interiors they have. Those who want maximum violent and fleeing suspects could set that adjustment while others who wish for a more realist simulation can tone down that chance.

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    I also noticed a tendency for fleeing in regards to traffic stops, which is unusual.  On an average day of patrol, most people stop unless they are a wanted felon or mentally instable, so it seems unrealistic that nearly 50% of the time the suspect flee.  I love the idea of being able to scale down the flee/evading but tweaking things to allow for other situations to transpire, perhaps the suspect takes off after stopping, or gets violent and randomly decides to start firing out the window of the vehicle.  Not sure how much can be done to tweak AI, but yeah I think that would be a great change, more diversity in how AI react while pulled over or being pulled over sounds great. I also agree with the run speed of the peds, I chased a 300lb fat guy and could barely catch up to him, which usually results in me losing track of where I pulled my vehicle over at lol. 


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