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    first before we get started id like to thank you folks for making literally the best gta v mod there is, you have given me hope and excitement in a game that i previously was burned out in. secondly id like to mention that i have little no on experience coding, and have been using this mod/server to teach myself, so feel free to tell me to pound sand if this is just legit not possible. now enough banter ill get after it. 


    The only thing i struggle with, and would like to see  changed, are the way notifications pop. For those of us that attempt to use custom huds, the default un-editable notification systems leave us with a sloppy looking outcome. i think (if possible) if you created and editable config that would let us use other notification plugins instead, it could be extremely beneficial to server owners. perhaps unless you edit the config, fivepd will use the default notification system, but if you were to install one of the countless notification plugins, for example "mythic notifications" or "DZ-notifications" you could add a section to disable the default notifications and allow us to then call the notify function to our respective notification apps. i hope what i am trying to say makes sense, and over all i hope maybe im just stupid and one of you know a better solution. in closing ive attached an image of the current notifications i have on my server over my custom hud. if you feel like i did a poor job explaining myself please feel free to ask me and ill try to be better.


    once again, thank you for all your hard work, we as a community love and appreciate it! 



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