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  • Ability to enable/disable uniforms in the F11 Duty Menu

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    Some servers may not use EUP or trainers such as SimpleTrainer for the sake of saving money and so people can't spawn in vehicles such as overpowered vehicles or weapons.

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    Even though this has been rejected, I am also submitting a request for uniforms to be brought back to the F11 Menu. I just started my server this week and I am unsure if I want to blow $15 a month to choose uniforms, when the feature used to be a part of FivePD a few weeks ago... I understand people in my server can use vMenu to select the pre-defined models, but that would require them to already have their Ped Models saved. If they are not saved, then they have to manually scroll through all the police models just to find what they wanted, which is pretty inconvenient, compared to the old method of seeing the cop models in older versions of FivePD.

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    I agree I think that you should be able to spawn in uniforms using the F11 menu.

    @damian001 in the meantime.. Do you have Warmenu installed? I am happy to send you a script that creates some predefined uniforms and  weapons. 



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