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  • A few ideas!

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    • I'm pretty sure its not been suggested or isnt already a feature, maybe a "tackle" feature! too many times when a suspect resists arrest i have to either punch,tase or hold E and they stop on the spot which isn't exactly realistic!
    • Also maybe a feature of locking/unlocking doors, so if you don't lock a ped inside the back of the cruiser theres a chance they can open the door and run (yes in cuffs) also criminals may try their luck to steal your cruiser when its parked up and unattended so users will have to get used to locking the cruiser while exiting.
    • Synced Callouts, so every player gets the same callout or choice to accept the same one, which possibly means multiple callouts happen at the same time? 
    • request backup is sent only to the nearest units unless its code 3 or code 99 then its sent to the whole department, also maybe a cross department backup request, so if LSPD are on a pursuit and it leads onto the freeway then they can call SAHP as they are the more local unit and would be quicker to respond.
    • A way to "shut road" up to 200 meters for example, as i have found the stop traffic only causes issues after you release them again, but maybe when you shut the road it puts down cones, barriers etc at each end of the shut road but any services you call (ems,fire,tow etc) 

    Thanks in advance, and sorry if any of the suggested already have been!


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    1) Tackle feature's tend to be quite derpy as there's no real decent "on the fly" sync'd anim sets for it, at best you can apply a force to the player towards the suspect and make them both ragdoll.

    2) I like the idea of locking doors, however not so much the theft. This can actually happen in the base game (GTA sets it by default in rough areas) and it is an absolute pain the ass as it happens so frequently. I've had someone try to steal my cruiser while streaming twice in the same callout (within 2 minutes), one of which succeeded and it was amusing but it means you can't do policing you're just always looking at your cruiser.

    3) Synced callouts has been suggested before

    4) Requesting nearby backup has been suggested before

    5) Shutting roads isn't possible without a bit of memory editing AFAIK. This is because cars spawn at nodes. 1 road can have multiple nodes depending on length between intersections. This is how the base game spawns "traffic" and not "a bunch of cars at the end of the road". So basically you'd have to somehow disable every single node to prevent cars spawning. This isn't possible.


    Some good suggestions though ?

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