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Deadly Weapons - Guns are actually dangerous! 2.0.6

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This is a simple plugin I made to make weapons fired at the player more dangerous.

LSPDFR is a great mod but lacks the difficulty of the real job. This plugin makes guns much more lethal. You will no longer survive being shot multiple times.

You will have to plan for the unexpected and be careful when in dangerous situations. No more one man army on callouts with active shooters. You need partners to have your back.

This plugin makes gun damage received by the player and peds much more lethal. It reduces the strength of body armor.  Adds a rubber bullet option to be less than lethal. Has a custom AI, the player and peds will now fall over sometimes when shot. Peds sometimes will flee or drop their gun and surrender. They don't want to die either. Whole new traffic stop AI. If a ped is armed you have a chance to spot the weapon on them. Weapons also will show up in searched with Stop The Ped. If a ped is wanted and armed they are more likely to flee / attack the player. When you fire your weapon backup will automatically be dispatched to your location.



Install Tutorial


Before you ask:

No the taser will not trigger the panic button. Only lethal firearms will.

No, this does not effect melee combat at all.


If you notice a weapon that does not hurt as bad as the rest, please tell which weapon it is so I can add it. I believe I added all of the vanilla and DLC weapons but I could have missed a few.



Any Issues or Ideas?

Please leave bug reports and ideas here:


It is faster for me to get back to you there!



Edited by SuperPyroManiac
Update to the current version on lspdfr

What's New in Version 2.0.6


UPDATE 2.0.6


Performance fix!


Please note, it may take time for LSPDFR Staff to approve the update!

If it's not approved when reading this,
You can get the new update from here: https://discord.gg/xsdAXJb








Fixed the lag issue.

Made some tweaks to increase performance with traffic stops.

Fixed an issue that caused a crash in a very rare and specific incident.

Burned my pasta typing this.




Added plugin delay option. This is an advanced option. More info inside the .ini file.


Known Bugs:

In large gunfights, sometimes peds might slip past the check. By large I mean in fights with more than 16~ angry peds.
Panic when you shoot might not happen with the first shot. The plugin is only checking every 1/4 of a second to help performance by default.
Peds fleeing/cowering/hiding after you shoot them might just drop dead. Not sure why honestly.

Me: For making the plugin.
LMS: For making LSPDFR
Rage Team: For making RPH.

By downloading you agree to not redistribute this plugin. You also agree not to attempt to use the code within for your own use. You are not allowed to de-compile this modification.

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Good mod, just one comment:



In the real world most police cars have rifles with a quick release lock in their car, when the weapon is unlocked it alerts others


In the United States at least, this is false. Most long gun weapons locks are simply powered to the car's power system as well as a way to unlock (such as button on a control panel), and most have backups such as handcuff or proprietary keys. Here's the wiring diagram for Progard's gun lock, for example. In fact, I've never seen a gun lock wired and programmed to alert anyone else, as this would usually have to be accomplished via MDT or mobile radio, which would be extremely hard to pull off.



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