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2022 Los Santos Police Department (LSPD) Mega Texture Pack [4K] 1.0.1

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Hey there! My name's Cabbage and welcome to my biggest project BY FAR! The LSPD Mega Texture Pack. This pack has so many skins and variations it's honestly crazy. Listed below are all of the included vehicles (there aren't screenshots of them all, you'll just have to have an explore yourself!)


--Vehicles Part 1--
2011 CVPI (Underwood) - Patrol, Sergeant, FTO, Neighbourhood Team, Metropolitan Division, Municipal Security, Crime Suppression
2016 FPIS (GM) - Patrol, Sergeant, Crime Suppression and a blank slicktop
2014 FPIU (unknown*) - Patrol, Sergeant
2016 FPIU (Kane) - Patrol, Sergeant, FTO, Metropolitan Division, Duty Medical Officer, Crime Suppression, Blank ST, K9, Explorer Program Recruitment Livery
2020 FPIU (Kane) - Patrol, SGT, Auxiliary, School Resource Officer Special Livery, PRIDE Special Livery
2016 F150 (GM) - Patrol, Lieutenant, Beachfront Division, District Commander, Citywide Tour Commander, Neighbourhood Team

2010 Dodge Charger (Underwood) - Patrol, Traffic
2014 Dodge Charger (GM) - Patrol, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Traffic, Crime Suppression
2018 Dodge Charger (Matt) - Patrol, Patrol 2020+, Traffic, Crime Suppression
2018 Dodge Durango (unknown*) - Patrol, Sergeant, Crime Suppression

2014 Chevy Tahoe (Underwood**) - Patrol, Sergeant, Metropolitan Division, Beachfront Division, K9
2019 Chevy Tahoe (GM) - Patrol, Patrol 2020+, Sergeant, Metropolitan Division, Beachfront Division, K9
Chevy Caprice (Kane) - Patrol, Crime Suppression


--Vehicles Part 2-- (links are included in the READ ME found in the download)
BMW R1200 RT

2017 Ford Police Responder & 2019 Toyota Camry

2017 Ford Transit
2010 Ford E350

Rosenbauer Rescue (medic4523)
Chevy Silverado Tow Truck (medic4523)
Peterbilt MCC
Pitbull SWAT Vehicle





If you have any questions or you find any issues feel free to PM me on LCPDFR or DM me on Discord (Paranoid Cabbage#4845)




My Discord server, I post exclusive Discord releases and updates to all of my WIPs here - https://discord.gg/RURMGCy


Jedahdiah's Discord server, if you want a lovely community to hang out with, this is the place - https://discord.gg/PgRrebtAAe


Hope you enjoy 🙂 

What's New in Version 1.0.1


Replaced a pdn i accidentally included with the correct png














1 - You may edit textures for personal use, however uploading said work is not permitted. If you do edit my skins, show me! I'd love to see what you've done with it.

2 - Use in FiveM/FivePD is permitted, provided you have RECIEVED PERMISSION FROM ME and if you provide proper credits.

3 - You can request or suggest something but I have the right to release it publicly and for free.

4 - I do not take any responsibility for any game breakages or any other issues that might have been caused by the installation of textures. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR STUFF BEFORE INSTALLING.

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2 hours ago, WolfsDevelopment said:

Heyo love the Liverys
Would you be able to give the Logo on the Vehicles.
Trying to make a EUP and the Logo looks nice

Sure thing man just send me a DM on discord 🙂

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