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Blane County Sheriff Mini-Pack (DuPage County IL Based) 1.0.0 1.0.0

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This pack is loosely based off of the DuPage County Sheriff's Office in IL.
I created these for textures for specific uses based on my LSPDFR gameplay. If you want to use these but need a specific texture/subdivision or a different vehicle base please reach out to me.
There are two different color variations. Blue/yellow/red is the older texture and the blue/blue is used now by the department.


Some of the following textures included are:
1 - No subdivision
2 - Traffic
3 - Supervisor
4 - K9
5 - Fleet Services
6 - M.E.R.I.T (SWAT)

If you need help or if you have any concerns, comments, or suggestions please write them below or contact me on Discord at IAmABadShot#8680

Featured in this pack: Vehicle - Texture (Where to find the vehicle I use)
2006 Tahoe - BxBugs (Kanyile's 2006 LAPD Tahoe MX7000)
2011 CVPI - Matt (Ripple's Code 3 Pack)
2013 Expedition - Otaku (Brenden Manahan 's Park Ranger Expedition)
2015 Expedition - R3Z4R (Allen Development's Ford Expedition ELS ADD-ON)
2016 FPIS - Officer Underwood (Ripple's Code 3 Pack)00
2016 FPIU - Officer Underwood (Ripple's Code 3 Pack)
2018 Charger - Matt (Ripple's Code 3 Pack)
2018 FPIS - Georgiemoon (Allen Development's 4 Car Pack All Whelen ELS ADDON R/B)
2018 F150 - Georgiemoon (Allen Development's 4 Car Pack All Whelen ELS ADDON R/B)
2020 F250 - Georgiemoon (Big G 069's Ford F-250 Marked)
2020 FPIU - SoCal Thero (Ripple's Code 3 Pack)
2020 Tahoe Georgiemoon (Ripple's Code 3 Pack)
2021 F150 K9 - R3Z4R (Big G 069's State Police Pack)
2021 Durango (Allen Development's Ford Durango ELS ADD-ON)
2022 Expedition (Allen Development's Ford Expedition ELS ADD-ON)
2022 Maverick - R3Z4R (Allen Development's Ford Maverick ELS ADD-ON)
Bearcat - Roulge (LSPD+BCSO Lenco Bearcat)
E350 - Keith Evo (San Andreas Highway Patrol pack)

The following decals were made by Leod23 (Lore Friendly Vehicle Decal Dev Pack)
American Flag
Law Enforcement Accreditation


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