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NJ's SWAT Callouts 1.0.0

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Immersive SWAT callout pack in the works! 


Only one callout at the moment, however there are already more callouts in the works. Some callouts from my other callout pack will be migrated over here for a more immersive, in-depth experience!!


Tactical Insertion Required at Tequilala 

- Multiple armed suspects have taken over the Tequilala - hostages have been taken so be careful!

- 'Evidence' can be collected - Random chance of where they spawn and if they spawn. No real benefit of collecting this except for some immersion! 

- Evidence can be returned to officer waiting out at the back entrance!

All coding is original work done in Visual Studio (C#)

Any feedback please send through to me!

Please feel free to use anywhere!


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On 8/25/2022 at 4:26 PM, xabypuce said:

¿how can i grab the evidences?  tryed with "E" but does not work.

Awesome job BTW!

Press F i believe

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