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Tref A.'s Multi-Agency Siren Mega Pack VOL2 | Whelen | Code 3 | Galls | Powercall Sirens 1.1.0

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Have you ever wanted to have different sirens for different departments,
but you are too lazy to sort every thing out manually?
With this siren pack, you'll have 4 sirens for you to choose with a relatively simple way to install!!!
*I have solved the siren pitch filter issue so all the tones
that uses SIREN1/2 & FIRETRUK slots are as authentic as it should be*

Siren included:
Law Enforcement (1) > Whelen CenCom Carbide (Wail 378p3-Yelp 225-Wail 378p3 w/ Howler-Yelp 225 w/ Howler, Airhorn w/Howler)
Law Enforcement (2) > Code 3 RLS (Wail-Yelp-Hyper Yelp-Hilo-Airhorn)
EMS/Paramedic > Galls Roadmaster (Wail-Yelp-Airhorn)
Fire & Rescue > Whelen CenCom Gold (Mechanical Wail) + PowerCall Sirens 6-Adam (POWERCALL) + WOLO 846



@BlueLightsBerlin, @Code3Diffraction, @mark omila, @Turner Griffin & @THE RESCUE SHOP on YouTube for uploading their videos.

-Whelen CenCom Gold → https://youtu.be/dYkTUJpJ05Q

-Code 3 RLS → https://youtu.be/PW1bkueIrR4

Galls Roadmaster→ https://youtu.be/1IpZUHKASP8

-Whelen CenCom Carbide → https://youtu.be/1NvVjwSnMbw

-WOLO 846 → https://youtu.be/57wPG4D6hYw

-PowerCall Sirens 6-Adam → https://youtu.be/PXGYMVItTO0






Q: How do we install it?
A: Just go googling will do, I'm not going to teach you to do such simple stuff on how to import OPEN FORMATS by using OPENIV

Q: FIVEM version?
A: NO. Stop asking for that cuz you can always convert the resident.rpf to FIVEM compliant ones that actually loads by yourself, just googling will get you through the process...

Q: Can you make ...(a siren)...?
A: No, unless you are a vehicle DEV then we might talk

Author's note:

Once you have downloaded the file, you agreed the following terms by default.

-You do not claim copyrights of my files.

-You do not reupload any files from the pack in any form to elsewhere

-You do not modify my files and release that as your own creation


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There is some hissing noise that happens while driving. It doesn't appear to be linked to a siren file. I didn't change anything. Just installed your oac file.

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