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Los Santos Police Department Mini EUP - (FiveM Ready) 1.0.0

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Los Santos Police Department EUP Mini Pack


This file is included with some of the top models in FiveM, with the an awesome job by Hanover Designs with the textures we can see that this eup package is hard worked on and great for a free release. All of the textures are greatly optimized for the players playing in your server.


This file comes with:
- 2k Textures (Optimized for FiveM)

- 2K Patch (Optimized for FiveM)

- 3 Class Tops

- 1 Polo, with two textures (SWAT, and Patrol)

- High Vis Traffic Vest

- High Quality Badge


Things not Included But in the Pictures:
- Motorola Radio

- Duty Belt

- Mechanic Gloves

Hanover Designs claims none of the models completed in this pack as being made by them,
you can find the creators in the section below. Thank you for downloading and we hope you
enjoy the product.


Hanover Designs - Hanover#0420




Badge Model - Mash's Designs


EUP Models - Minty Productions


Where to find them:


Mash's Designs


Minty Productions


Developer Resource Hub
"LSPD Patch embroidered [5-6-2021]"


Developer Resource Hub
"Under Armor Patch"


Reckle Modifications
"American Flag embroidered patch"




Where to find them:


Mash's Designs


Minty Productions


Developer Resource Hub


Reckle Modifications



- You have no right to re-sell any of my work without written permission from me

- These Terms of Service may be changed at any given time

- I hold the right to decline your request to distribute any of our products to anyone else in the community

- Custom orders are not guaranteed, and we hold to right to decline them

- Refunds are not available for any client

- Hanover is not required to assist you in anyway

- We hold the right to re-voke (take away) your access to use any of the purchases you may purchase

- If you get banned from the discord but still own a product you are eligible to continue to use it unless asked not to

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Hey, thanks for uploading and sharing this!


It's nice to see something different for LSPD, rather than the navy/white/grey colours. Did you use any particular real-world department as an inspiration for the colour and design?

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