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Car Versus Deer Callout 1.0.0

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The Car Versus Deer callout will spawn a dead deer and a damaged vehicle in one of 18 locations along the shoulder of the roadway. There are no blips attached to the deer or vehicle in order to force the Officer to search the area. It will be obvious what vehicle was involved because the engine will be smoking and the rear tail lights will be flashing. 

You can initiate a traffic stop on the vehicle however you risk them driving forward too far or fleeing. I highly suggest pointing your flashlight at the driver and hold E to detain and interact with the driver. I found that using "follow me" in the interaction menu to get them away from the road works best and then you can roleplay the callout however you would like. 

If you enjoy my callouts please leave a like or comment. If you have any issues or suggestions please leave feedback.


• Discord: https://discord.gg/VKamh4WUV5

Join the Goose10X Discord if you would like to play on my personal FivePD server.


• Army/LEO Veteran
• Computer Tech Student

• Digital/Graphic Designer
• Amateur Coder/Programmer

I also create custom Logos, Patches, EUP textures, Vehicle liveries, Ped Tattoos, building textures, and more!


Screenshot 2022-07-22 060148.png


Screenshot 2022-07-20 043331 (1).png

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I will forever credit @GGGDunlixfor his assistance with callouts

None at this time.

Feel free to download, share, and use however you want.

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17 hours ago, MSGT. Parent said:

great idea for a callout!

Thanks for the kudos! I have more callout ideas brewing. Possibly debris in the roadway and a warrant transport callout.

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This a great callout that I just uploaded In my server and credits to the author who created this callout! Msg to the author, but maybe you could add a few more wild life callouts as these would be great for servers who have game warden departments. thanks

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