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Active Shooter Callout 1.0.0

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The Active Shooter Callout will spawn between 2-5 shooters at one of several random locations throughout the map. There is a chance some of the shooters will shoot at nearby pedestrians, or possibly wander the area near their spawnpoint. Once a player gets within range of the callout, the shooters will target them instead. Additionally any other players that respond as backup could potentially be shot at as well. Enemy blips are not added on purpose to increase the difficulty of the callout and encourage players to call for backup from their fellow officers on duty. Be sure to clear the area as you never know if one more shooter could be hiding somewhere.


Author: HuskyNinja

Q: Is this callout open source?

A: Yes. GitHub Link: https://github.com/HuskyNinja-953/ActiveShooters


Q: How can I get in contact with you?

A: Send me a message on discord. HuskyNinja953#6916

Feel free to use this callout on any FivePD server.

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