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Pennsylvania State Police Ultimate Backup [EUP] [8.2] 1.0

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This Emergency Uniforms Pack (EUP) Backup Configuration "Pennsylvania State Police Ultimate Backup [EUP] 1.0" replicates the use of the Pennsylvania State Police agency and lore-friendly emergency services from Grand Theft Auto V for LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response)!


This modification also brings several new stations to San Andreas featuring an exclusive EUP uniform selection within the Duty Selection Menu/EUP Menu and includes EUP Badge Props Configurations all in one package with a unique feature - weather variations!


You do not need to use Ultimate Backup to use the custom ambient spawning system as this works with and without Ultimate Backup.


Configured for Law & Order 8.2 + Serve & Rescue 1.2


You can use WINRAR or 7-ZIP to open the modification files


If installing for the first time or updating to 1.0 please install all files from the Pennsylvania State Police Ultimate Backup [EUP] 1.0 folder


All departments come with sub-division uniforms; Air Unit/SWAT/etc


Backup Options:



Pennsylvania State Police (PSP) (EUP)



Los Santos Fire Department (LSFD) (EUP)
Los Santos Fire Department EMS (LSFD) (EUP)
Los Santos Lifeguard (LSLG) (EUP)

Los Santos County Fire Department (LSCFD) (EUP)
Los Santos County Fire Department EMS (LSCFD) (EUP)

Blaine County Fire Department (BCFD) (EUP)
Blaine County Fire Department EMS (BCFD) (EUP)

Coroner (EUP)

San Andreas Medical Services (SAMS) (EUP)

Wildlands Firefighter (SAF) (EUP)


Special Units:

Air Medic (EUP)
Fire Chief (EUP)
Fire Pilot (EUP)


This EUP Backup Config currently offers Class A, Class B, and Class C alongside tactical vest uniforms for the Pennsylvania State Police
agency. Also includes lore-friendly emergency services from GTA 5.


All Uniforms come with hats including campaign and ball caps.


Bonus Features:


Callout Local Patrol Configurations (If Developers Enable Them)


Custom Stations:

NOOSE HQ, Fort Zancudo HQ, Vespucci Beach Station, Gruppe Sechs Security HQ, Bobcat Security HQ, Davis Fire Station, El Burro Heights Fire Station, Fort Zancudo Fire Station, Los Santos International Airport Fire Station, Paleto Bay Fire Station, Rockford Hills Fire Station & Sandy Shores Fire Station


Custom Drop Off Locations:
NOOSE HQ, Fort Zancudo HQ, Vespucci Beach Station, Gruppe Sechs Security HQ, Bobcat Security HQ, FIB HQ, LA Mesa, Rockford, Vespucci, Davis, Beaver Bush & Bolingbroke Penitentiary


Please check out the mod showcase video on my YouTube channel @JoeCWilson to preview this modification before you install it!


Required Uniforms (PAID):


Edited by Joe C Wilson

Modification Credits;


LSPD First Response
By G17 Media

Ultimate Backup
By Bejoijo

LSPDFR EUP Configurations
By Alex_Ashfold

Emergency Uniforms Pack (EUP) - Law & Order
By Alex_Ashfold

Emergency Uniforms Pack (EUP) - Serve & Rescue
By Alex_Ashfold

EUP Menu
By PieRGud

Pennsylvania State Police EUP Menu Configurations & Uniforms
By TrpCharles

Pennsylvania State Police Ultimate Backup [EUP] 1.0 Release


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