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Los Santos County Sheriff's Office Texture Ultrapack 1.0.0

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16 Screenshots

This is a TEXTURE pack NOT a vehicle pack


So in the little amount of spare time I have I managed to make this monstrosity of a Sheriff's office texture pack. The goal of this pack was to make a livery with a simple, clean design that will fit a majority of popular dev model's that car modelers use. This isn't a pack specific livery set which means you'll need to check the credits of the pack your using to see what dev models the author used as to apply the correct skin for that model.


These skins fit the following dev base models


Officer Underwood's FPIS, 13 Tahoe, Impala and CVPI
The Hurk's FPIU and CVPI

Danwithdavan's 19 Tahoe
Apex's 20 Silverado
Kane104's Ram 2500, Caprice 16 and 20 FPIU's
Georgie Moon's 16 FPIS, 19 Tahoe, F150, 21 Super Duty and 14 Charger
Raz3r's 16 FPIU, 21 Durango, Charger HC and 21 Tahoe
Lundy's 89 and 95 Caprice
Otaku's CVPI
Mcgarret's 2018 Silverado
Matthew Peralta's 18 Charger
Blueghost's Ford Fusion
Izick's 13 Silverado


Future livery plans (when time allows it)

14 Ford interceptor utility

Ghosted Traffic unit textures

Other specialized units such as a swat vehicle, helicopter, boat and maybe an atv or bicycle

Edited by Mikeypoo22

Original Dev Template Creators 


Officer Underwood 
The Hurk 

Georgie Moon 
Matthew Peralta


Vehicles shown in screenshots by Big G 069, Trooper 18, Rabbit Development, RobertTM, apoundofapples, Bigams, Mcgarret, t0y and Officer Turbs

"How do I install skins?"

Check youtube as there are plenty of skinning tutorials there


"But you didn't link a car pack!"

As mentioned in the description this is NOT a pack specific set of skins. There should be a skin in here for any pack that you may use Just check the credits of the pack or vehicle you wish to use these on to find out what dev base the author of the pack used for the vehicle in question.


"Do you do take requests?"


1. Please do NOT upload these anywhere else as your own.

2. If you make a video with these liveries, please give credit where credit is due.

3. These are for lspdfr and FiveM ONLY.

4. Do NOT edit these textures without my permission.


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