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[NON-ELS] Jefferson County NY Sheriffs Charger 1.0.0

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7 Screenshots

This is a Closely Based 2018 Jefferson County NY Sheriff's Charger.

Comes with 
- Fivem Ready Files
- DLC Files
- Pictures
- Lots of nasty Readme files

Special Thanks to@bevarnow  for taking the screenshots
Not Much else to say about this. Took me like 4 months because i take my sweet ass time doing anything

If you like please do the like on here, I have a skin pack as well.

If you like NY Based Vehicles, Check out my Watertown NY Police Pack


Edited by Officer Pringle
Updated Description

Base Model - Matt
Skin - Pringle
Pictures - Mainly Chris Creations
NonELS - Pringle

                            \\ FREE EQUIPMENT //

Eagle Ultra Grips - Cartres
Proguard Partition - Billy J modifications
Antenna pack  - DatedGore
TrunkBox - MortyNL
Flare - Chief Bloodshot
Console modeled and textured by Cj24
EMS Jumpbag - Billy Johnsson
Rear Seat Molding - BillyJ
Motorola MW810 modeled and textured by Cj24.
- Motorola O2 radio modeled and textured by KLE0. Thanks to Patrol 31 for reference photos.
Narcan Boxes - Orthin
Glove Box's - Chris Creations
Wrap Modeled by Carper originally the GoRhino Wrap 
Wrap Edited into the PB8 by Tactical Potato
PB400 by iansonwheels
Sharkfin Ant. - Billy J
Drink cans by Morty#5304
Stalker Radar Modelled & Textured by Jakub
trunk Equipment - MarkTheDev
 Whelen LED spotlight modeled and textured by Cj24
Whelen CCSRN36 modeled by Qica, textured and converted by MiikeMQ.
Window Protectors - 3D Modeled and textured by Maryland Modifications

                        \\ FREE LIGHTING //

--- Lightbar --- 
Whelen Legacy scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0
converted to gta 5 by Five0/OfficerFive0
tir texture by Five0/OfficerFive0
groove, reflector and screw textures by neonlazer
emis textures by CJ24, edited by stienberg
Whelen Dominator scratch modeled by Five0/OfficerFive0

                        // Paid Equipment //

- Sentina Gun Lock - Twurtle

                        // Paid Lighting // 
- Whelen Ion - CEO

Q: Can i use this in my Fivem Server 
A: Yes thats why i provided the Fivem Files preset for you

Q: Does this come with a DLC For Single Player 
A: Yes

Q: Will you make me a vehicle
A: No, Ive stopped taking commissons 


Same as most people 

- Dont Reupload
- Dont Steal 
- Dont Claim 
- Dont Rip
- Dont Unlock

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On 8/11/2022 at 5:31 AM, deadlyskiess said:

is it possible to make this car a mega pack? with other cars


If i ever get the time to do so possibly. I have about 3-4 skins just sitting on my desktop rn for JCSO. But with other projects in the works it would be a while.

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