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Ohio State Highway Patrol - 2020 FPIU [NON-ELS] [FiveM-Ready] 1.1.0

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My 2nd release, ever! I bring you an OSHP '20 FPIU! You can check out my 1st release here, which was a '21 OSHP Durango!


Inspired by Jinx's OSHP pack


If you do download, I would highly appreciate a comment and/or review!


Please report all bugs/changes that need to be fixed to my Discord or though the comments below!


You have a vehicle suggestion for me? Comment it down below!

OSHP - '20 Explorer // Front Lighting Pattern (gyazo.com)

OSHP - '20 Explorer // Rear Lighting Pattern (gyazo.com)


Discord: Sebastien M.#099

What's New in Version 1.1.0   See changelog


v1.1.0 Changes

• Fixed livery (missing decal on front fenders)

• Fixed window tint (headlights and windshield no-longer change tint.)

• Updated the handling a little bit (mainly understeer/traction)

• Fixed the trunk cabinet from showing through the rear wheel well. 

2020 Ford Police Interceptor Utility (FPIU) // Ohio State Highway Patrol Replica (Concept since they don't use the '20 model year, currently)

• Created By: Sebastien M. (Discord: Sebastien M.#0999)
• Date Finished: 5/5/22
• Please report any bugs to me via DM's

• This resource is set up for a drag-n-drop for FiveM. I do not offer installation support.

• Big thanks to Jinx Modifications. I reached out to him but wasn't able to get in contact with him. I used his carcols/siren setup for the lightbar, so it would match the lighting on his OSHP vehicles.

• This file should not be redistributed to anyone or re-uploaded to any other site/forum, for any reason, unless given permission, directly from myself.

• Features:
    - Rotatable Spotlight
    - Breakable Glass
• Vehicle Extras:
    - Extra 1: Dash Cam
    - Extra 2: Seat Organizer // Tablet
    - Extra 3: Inside Front/Rear Radar Mount
    - Extra 4: Lightbar Front/Rear Mounted Radar
    - Extra 5: Bright, Front Takedowns When Lights Are Toggled
• Base Model Provided by: HP Deskjet
• Rebuilt by: BlueGhost (Materials, template, dirt, windows, collisions, LODs)
• Textures by: Rockstar, HP Deskjet, Hurk, Desmond, Turn 10, BlueGhost
• Rearview mirror by: Hurk/Underwood
• Parts Used:
    - Lightbar: Code 3 RX2700 (Cj24)
    - Whelen ION, Surfacemount and Spirtfire Variants (0taku)
    - Radar & Dash Mount (HDgamerzPC)
    - Siren Controller (Ripple)
    - Center Console (Twurtleee)
    - Laptop Stand (Twurtleee)
    - Partition (Twurtleee)
    - Toughbook (JohnBD)
    - Seat Organizer (ErinLindsay)
    - Antennas (Billy Johnsson)
    - Trunk Cabinet (Raz3r)
    - Spotlight (Black Jesus)
    - Window Bars (LixLyte)
    - Flare (Chief Bloodshot)
    - Black-rac Gun Rack and Rifle (Frost88)
    - Brother PocketJet Printer (BC Designs)

    - Please contact me if your item/name is not listed, using the Discord above ^^^

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