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Ohio State Highway Patrol - 2021 Durango [NON-ELS] [FiveM-Ready] 1.1.3

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I'm a huge fan of Jinx Modification's OSHP pack and decided to create a vehicle to go along with that pack. The OSHP recently added a 2021 Dodge Durango to their fleet (irl) and thought it would be a cool project to do!


I've been messing around with ZModeler for about a year now, but this is my first completed project and would love any and all feedback!


I can be contacted through Discord for any questions or concerns @ Sebastien M.#0999


OSHP - '21 Durango // Front Lighting Pattern (gyazo.com)

OSHP - '21 Durango // Rear Lighting Pattern (gyazo.com)


Video used for reference: https://www.facebook.com/OhioStateHighwayPatrol/videos/518402919806969/

Edited by SebastienM

What's New in Version 1.1.3   See changelog


v1.1.0 Changes:

- New mapped textures on all of the ION's. Brighter colors.

- New mapped texture on the laptop screen, inside the vehicle. Showcasing an OSHP login screen.

- Added center takedowns on the RX2700 lightbar. Can make them brighter by toggling EXTRA_5.

- Added proper wig-wags.

- Added front turn-signals/indicators.

- Added a custom handling line.


v1.1.1 Changes:

- Moved the front turn-signals/indicators to a new location.

- Added back the top DRL.


v1.1.2 Changes:

- Fixed the spawning issue


v1.1.3 Changes

• Fixed livery blurriness

• Fixed window tint (windshield no-longer changes tint)

• Updated the handling a little bit (mainly understeer/traction)

• Fixed the large ytd texture file size

2021 Dodge Durango PPV // Ohio State Highway Patrol Replica

• Created By: Sebastien M. (Discord: Sebastien M.#0999)
• Date Finished: 4/26/22
• Please report any bugs to me via DM's

• This resource is setup for a drag-n-drop for FiveM. I do not offer installation support.

• Big thanks to Jinx Modifications. I reached out to him but wasn't able to get in contact with him. I used his carcols/siren setup for the lightbar, so it would match the lighting on his OSHP vehicles.

• This file should not be redistributed to anyone or re-uploaded to any other site/forum, for any reason, unless given permission, directly from myself.

• Features:
- Rotatable Spotlight
- Breakable Glass
• Vehicle Extras:
- Extra 1: Dash Cam
- Extra 2: Seat Organizer // Tablet
- Extra 3: Inside Front/Rear Radar Mount
- Extra 4: Lightbar Front/Rear Mounted Radar

- Extra 5: Bright, Front Takedowns When Lights Are Toggled
• Base Model Provided by: Raz3r
• Parts Used:
- Lightbar: Code 3 RX2700 (Cj24)
- Whelen ION, Surfacemount and Spirtfire Variants (0taku)
- Radar & Dash Mount (HDgamerzPC)
- Siren Controller (Ripple)
- Center Console (Twurtleee)
- Laptop Stand (Twurtleee)
- Partition (Twurtleee)
- Toughbook (JohnBD)
- Seat Organizer (ErinLindsay)
- Antennas (Billy Johnsson)
- Trunk Cabinet (Raz3r)
- Spotlight (Black Jesus)
- Window Bars (Lix)
- Flare (Chief Bloodshot)
- Black-rac Gun Rack and Rifle (Frost88)
- Brother PocketJet Printer (BC Designs)

- Please contact me if your item/name is not listed, using the Discord above ^^^

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