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[Non-ELS] Whelen Legacy Pack [FiveM-Ready] 1.0.0

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my first pack! This is a package of police vehicles featuring exclusively Whelen lighting equipment in an all-blue setup including the Whelen Legacy lightbar. It comes with templates and is FiveM ready but can be used in singleplayer. If you would like to keep up with my work, you can join my discord server down below. There I will have updates.


Typhoon Modifications Discord Server:https://discord.gg/vtnfHdtQef


Extra List

1: Toggle Stage 3 Lighting
2: GoRhino Pushbar Wrap-around

3: Spotlight Up

4: Spotlight Down

5: Radar System (Tahoe Excluded)

6: Arbitrator Dashcam

Tahoe Only

7: Mud Flaps

8: Hood Guard

9: Hitch Cover


Lighting Showcase:


(Custom plates do not come with the cars)

Edited by Typhoon Modifications

Base Models:
Matt Peralta - Charger
Dan with the Van - Tahoe & GoRhino Pushbar
Officer Underwood - Taurus


Lighting Equipment:
Officer Five0 - Whelen Legacy, Vertex
Cj24 - Whelen Tir3
CE0 - Whelen IONs


Interior/Exterior Equipment:
Cj24 - Motorola Antenna, Toughbook CF-31, Panasonic Arbitrator
Terry Sloman - Motorola XRP 4550 Radio
KLE0 - Motorola O2 Radio
Maryland Modifications - Plastic Window Protectors
Eknjack - Setina Partition
Sirvilmos - Center Console
Morty - Pepsi Can
Qica - Whelen CCSRN36
Jakub - Stalker Dual DSR Radar
Paul Modifications - FPIS GoRhino
Fartknockr - Charger GoRhino
Georgie Moon - Unity Spotlight


Liveries by DjangoP054

Q: Why are your plates blue?

A: It is a custom, client sided plate pack.

Please do not rip/crack these models, or re-upload them anywhere else.

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Cool but 3 vehicles is not really a pack, I always thought it was 5 or more. 

Reason for edit(forgot the words thought, it and was)

Edited by LtSnoDawg69
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