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This is a Fictional livery pack for FiveM or LSPDFR pack, you can add these liveries by using OpenIV and replacing the sign_1 in your vehicles YTD. 


This pack includes.


- 2016 Explorer

- 2014 Tahoe

- 2020 Tahoe

- 2018 Charger

- 2014 Charger


These liveries were made by 3-13 Modifications owned by Ivan Ekimov


Note: Vehicles are not included and only for display purpose.

Edited by Mafia Modifications

What's New in Version 1.0.0


Updated the download to a single Zip Folder


Make sure to like comment, and rate the liveries. This helps me know where I can improve and what I can do to make liveries for your communities better.

All Files Created by 3-13 Modifications, Owned By Ivan Ekimov



Q: How do I use these?

A: You need to replace sign_1 with these .png files using OpenIv


Q: Is it hard to apply these?

A: No, it is an easy and quick replacement file for your YTD. 


Q: I applied the texture but it is out of place?

A: Unfortunately not every livery is a one size fits all, I have included the most used templates for these liveries. So there is still a chance these may not fit your model.

3-13 Modifications

Ivan Ekimov



Letter  of Authenticity

The files you have received are official copies made by the 3-13 Modification Team. This is a letter of authenticity to prove that the file was received legitimately. The Files you have received were created for developers to use in their future projects, when given permission to do so. 

You may use these textures for your vehicle models and for your FiveM or Single Player game. You may not upload these files as your own or make sales with the files given, without permission to do so.

This letter is for the DHS Livery Pack.


Полученные вами файлы являются официальными копиями, сделанными Командой Модификации 3-13. Это письмо о подлинности, подтверждающее, что файл был получен законно. Полученные вами файлы были созданы для использования разработчиками в своих будущих проектах, если у них есть на это разрешение.

Вы можете использовать эти текстуры для своих моделей транспортных средств, а также для игры FiveM или одиночной игры. Вы не можете загружать эти файлы как свои собственные или осуществлять продажи с предоставленными файлами без разрешения на это.

Это письмо для DHS Livery Pack.


3-13 Modifications Team

Иван Екимов

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  • Community Administrator
2 hours ago, FrexFromFiveM said:

Are these ELS or NON ELS?


It's a livery pack, it's not the vehicles themselves. You can apply these to ELS or non-ELS vehicles that use the same base models the mod author used.

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On 3/27/2022 at 8:21 PM, FrexFromFiveM said:

Are these ELS or NON ELS?


So for all of my vehicles I display my skins on are from NorthernScott. I believe this was the Liberty V.2 Pack. These liveries should fit most packs that are created. The vehicles displayed are Non-ELS, however for liveries that makes no effect to the livery.

Edited by Mafia Modifications
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