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2020 Tahoe Valor // All-Blue // FiveM Ready 1.0.0

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This was an old project that just got left to rot away lol, so decided to give ya'll a free release


If you want to see more free releases be sure to join the discord as I do exclusive giveaways and deals often! Also as I try to hit 2.5k https://discord.gg/JVmm4J3Ecs


Lightbar - Kane
Intersectors - Frost88
Impaxx - Krul
Spotlight - CJ24
Signal Master - CJ24
Siren Speaker - Zz


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not sure about anyone else but i do like this.. all blue lights the way its all placed i think you should do a ghost livery or do a black to go with it

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Tahoe-ld up a minute, this is a pretty sick design! Thanks for sharing! 

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