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J&R's Museum - Vermont Based SASP Livery Mini-Pack 1.0.0

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Created by: Jackson & Ray's Museum


Alright, not only is this our first free release but it is our first release to GPM. We hope everyone enjoys these skins as much as we enjoyed creating them, they are heavily based off of Vermont State Police, but they are lore friendly. If anyone has any questions or is in need of support, don't hesitate to join our Discord (It will be listed down below).


A few tips:

Due to GTA's limitations, we can't get the exact color of VSP's vehicles, but we can get pretty close. To get a more accurate outcome with the vehicles color, you can go under Color Options -> Secondary Colors -> Pearlescent and set your Pearlescent color to ULTRA BLUE.


These liveries are made to fit OfficerUnderwood's 16' Explorer and Matt's 18' Charger. They should fit most vehicles.


This pack includes:

4K Ultra HD Liveries for an 16' Ford Explorer and a 18' Dodge Charger.



Feel free to join our Discord:

Templates by: OfficerUnderwood, and Matt.

Morale Support: RealOne213

J&R Terms of Service


1.   You are not allowed to resell / make profit directly from or reupload any of Jackson & Ray's products under any circumstances.

2.   All purchases are NON Refundable, so therefore you are not allowed to chargeback under any circumstances.

3.   Jackson & Ray's Museum is not responsible to any damages toward your computer's performance or server.

4.   All transactions are final. No if's or but's.

5.   No FiveM support of our work will be given by J&R.

6.   J&R reserves the right to refuse a sale with or without a reason.

7.   J&R is not liable for any indirect or direct damages arising from use of the site. This includes, without limitation, loss of data, computer failure, any medical injuries due to products from J&R.

8.    All products made by the J&R Group are owned by J&R's Museum, once purchased a customer does not have any rights other than to use it.

9.    J&R Reserves the right to terminate an account on the J&R Website.

10.   A full payment has to be made before any products are given to a customer.

11.   J&R Reserve the right to update the TOS for any reason without the notification of a customer.

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As a Vermont resident, I can tell you that from what I've seen in the photos that these are very accurate!

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1 hour ago, General Q said:

As a Vermont resident, I can tell you that from what I've seen in the photos that these are very accurate!

Thanks! I couldn't find that many pictures on them, but I did my best with what I could find. I'm glad you liked them!

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Now looking closer, the text on the side is the same color as the base of the vehicle, not white. Just a suggestion in case you want to update it!

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