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Lore Friendly Lenco Bearcat: Brute Centurion [Add-On / FiveM | Template] 1.0.0

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Lore Friendly Lenco Bearcat: Brute Centurion v1.0.0 by Jacobmaate

This mod aims to introduce a new vehicle to the game, a lore-style Lenco Bearcat with inspiration taken from various generations and variants of Bearcats, and stylised as the smaller cousin of the Brute Riot, I present you the Brute Centurion!

the spawn codes for the vehicles included are:
RIOT3 - Stock Law Enforcement Package
CENTURION - Stock Package

---- Features ----
• LODs
• Dirt mapping
• Immersive Pickups Compatibility
• Various modkit/tuning parts
• Functional hydraulic ram bar
• High damage resistance
• Capacity for up to 14 peds
• High intensity lighting
• Liveries (template included)
• Custom sirensettings/flashpatterns
• Custom soundbanks
• Custom handling
• Custom lore-style lightbars and equipment
• Swinging Mudflaps
• Optional file for bulletproof windows (with bullet resistant textures)
• SP & FiveM-ready archives

---- Change Log ----
v1.0.0 (February 03, 2022):
Initial release

---- Installation ----
Please see the included readme.txt file inside the archive for installation instructions.

---- Requirements ----
OpenIV - Required to install these files to your game
SirenSetting Limit Adjuster - Required to stop sirenSetting conflicts with other packs
Custom Gameconfig - Required to support multiple addon vehicles, otherwise your game may crash

---- External Links ----
My GTA5-Mods mods
My LCPDFR mods
My Modification Tracker Spreadsheet
My Discord Server
My Youtube Channel
My Twitter
My Instagram
My Patreon

This pack was commissioned by: Proelio Procusi

Edited by Jacobmaate

Vehicle Model Edits:
Created by: Jacobmaate
w/ parts from: Rockstar Games, Insomniac Games
UV Mapping: Jacobmaate
Optimised props: Jacobmaate

Meta Files:
Carcols: Jacobmaate
Handling: Jacobmaate
Layouts: Jacobmaate

New Style Sirencontroller: 11john11
Old Style Sirencontroller: Skitty
Lighting Equipment: Jacobmaate

Vehicle Liveries: Jacobmaate
Improved LS City Seal: DiPierro
LSSD Assets: Jacobmaate

Commissioned by: Proelio Procusi
Promotional Media by: Jacobmaate, ukeyS, Jerry521 (& MyName (mod cover page))

---- Permissions ----
• You're allowed to use this modification for your FiveM server, so long as appropriate credits are given.
• You're allowed to use my assets from this modification for your own mods, so long as appropriate credits are given.
• You're required to seek permission to use assets from other developers found in this mod from those respective developers - not myself. Please see the comprehensive credits listed above to see which assets are mine, and which are made by others.
• If you make a reskinned version of this pack, please only upload the liveries, and provide a direct link to this mod page.
• This modification is exclusive for download at GTA5-Mods.com, lcpdfr.com and gtapolicemods.com.

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  • Community Administrator

I’ve been looking forward to this one. Awesome work as always Jacob.

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3 minutes ago, Lucky Designs said:

I’ve been looking forward to this one. Awesome work as always Jacob.

Thanks! ☺️
Hope it lives up to your expectations!

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  • Community Administrator

Content Feature Notice Visual

This content has featured by the GPM Public Relations Team. We feature content that is good quality and/or shows community interest. Keep up the great work!


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On 6/29/2022 at 10:05 PM, harvii said:

Will this work on fivem


Yes, there's a FiveM-Ready archive included in the download.

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i have a problem, everytime i spawn more partners than 6 the partners that dont fit in the vehicle dont go outside on the vehicle theyre just standing on the middle of the street and do nothing

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