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FAT Pack [Add-On | SP + FiveM Ready | Lore Friendly | Soundbank] (Based on ATF) 1.01

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Firearms, Alcohol, Tobacco & Explosives Bureau (FAT) Pack v1.01 by Jacobmaate
(Based on ATF)

Spawn codes for the vehicles included are:
FATBUFFALO - Bravado Buffalo '08
FATTORRENCE - Vapid Torrence
FATSTALKER - Landstalker SWB
FATEVERON - Karin Everon

PART 2, will be an update to this pack, and will include additional - mainly utility based - vehicles, as well as LSPDFR Integration, and possibly DLS compatibility too. Clothing featured in screenshots will be available at a later time.

---- Features ----
• Basic Features: (LODs, Dirt Mapping, Breakable Glass/Glass Shards)
• Custom sirensettings/flashpatterns
• Custom soundbanks
• Custom handling
• Singleplayer & FiveM ready

---- Change Log ----
v1.01 (Janurary 01, 2022):
- [5M] Updated FiveM-Ready resource manifest

v1.0 (April 30, 2021):
Initial release

---- Installation ----
Please see the included readme.txt file inside the archive for installation instructions.

---- Requirements ----
OpenIV - Required to install these files to your game
SirenSetting Limit Adjuster - Required to stop sirenSetting conflicts with other packs
Custom Gameconfig - Required to support multiple addon vehicles, otherwise your game may crash

---- External Links ----
My GTA5-Mods mods
My LCPDFR mods
My Modification Tracker Spreadsheet
My Discord Server
My Youtube Channel
My Twitter
My Instagram
My Patreon

This pack was commissioned by: Proelio Procusi

Edited by Jacobmaate

Vehicle Model Edits:
Torrence Redux: AllenKennedy
Landstalker SWB: bravo_1_charlie
Stock Everon: Jacobmaate, bravo_1_charlie
Buffalo '08: Jacobmaate


Vehicle UV Mapping:
Torrence: AllenKennedy
Buffalo: Jacobmaate


Lighting Equipment:

Other Assets & Textures:
All FAT Assets: Jacobmaate
ONO Switchbox: Jacobmaate
Trunk Equipment: Jacobmaate


SirenID 40031: Jacobmaate


Landstalker SWB: Eddlm
Buffalo '08: Alyx Vance


Pack Commissioned by:
Proelio Procusi

---- Permissions ----
• You're allowed to use this modification for your FiveM server, so long as appropriate credits are given.
• You're allowed to use my assets from this modification for your own mods, so long as appropriate credits are given.
• You're required to seek permission to use assets from other developers found in this mod from those respective developers - not myself. Please see the comprehensive credits listed above to see which assets are mine, and which are made by others.
• This modification is exclusive for download at GTA5-Mods.com and gtapolicemods.com.

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