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2020 Ford Expedition MAX | Unmarked SSV | FiveM Ready 2.0

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Yet another Unmarked unit I've made, I really wanted to keep the theme going, so here's my Expedition I love so much!



- FiveM Ready

- Exclusive Handling line
- Paintable Wheels

- Multi-Livery Supported
- Templated windows for custom tint

- Templated for custom Lighting

- Red/Blue by Default

- Minimalistic Interior

- Minimalistic Lighting with good coverage


[Extra 1] SpectraLux ILS Pside
[Extra 2] SpectraLux ILS Dside
[Extra 3] Front Central Micropulses
[Extra 4] Front Outer Micropulses
[Extra 5] Boot Micropulses
[Extra 6] Rear Window Micropulse WideAngles


(If you want to change the Flash Patterns):
[Siren 1] SpectraLux ILS Far Left
[Siren 2] SpectraLux ILS Inner Left
[Siren 3] SpectraLux ILS Inner Right
[Siren 4] SpectraLux ILS Far Right
[Siren 5] SpectraLux ILS Far Left
[Siren 6] SpectraLux ILS Center Left
[Siren 7] SpectraLux ILS Center Right
[Siren 8] SpectraLux ILS Far Right
[Siren 9] Center Front Right
[Siren 10] Center Front Left
[Siren 11] Rear Left
[Siren 12] Rear Right
[Siren 13] Front Driver Side
[Siren 14] Rear Driver Side
[Siren 15] Front Pass. Side
[Siren 16] Rear Pass. Side 
[Siren 17] Outer Front Left
[Siren 18] Outer Front Right 
[Siren 19] Dside Micropulse WA
[Siren 20] Pside Micropulse WA


I've finally opened my DISCORD.


Thank you once again for your support and please enjoy this file!! ^-^

    - With love ❤️ 

Edited by Black0ut
details edit, new features.

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


No changelog available for this version.

Development & Screenshots by yours truly 

Handling Line: Myself

Base Model: RAZ3R (officertenpenny)

FedSig SpectraLux ILS (Cj24)

FedSig Micropulse 6 (Cj24)
FedSig Micropulse WideAngel (OfficerFive0)

Do you have a Discord?: Yes, see description of file.


Do you plan to release more often?: Not really, I upload once in a while on projects I wish to share, the rest remain private.


Do you provide support for you work?: Unless it's a bug report or major issue with the file, not really, there are plenty of better resources out there than messaging me about it.

Do you do commissions/listings on Discord? No, I work based solely on my personal interest in development, and it varies from day to day.

Do not Redistribute/Resell outside of GPM,

Do not rip or attempt to unlock this file or it's components,

Please do not rip my Handling line as it was made specific to this 2020 Expedition, (If you'd like to download the handling file for use outside of this file, DM me, I have loads)

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9 hours ago, Fredi474 said:

Do you have an ELS version?



No, I do not make ELS vehicles sorry.

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17 hours ago, madddoc95 said:

needs aplr but great car



😂 Why put ALPRs on an unmarked car?, it's not a traffic unit specifically. I'll put ALPRs on more fleet oriented cars in the future.

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  • Community Administrator

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This content has been promoted on our Twitter account. We promote content that is good quality and/or shows community interest. Keep up the great work!


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1 hour ago, Sbcobra11 said:

its a shame i cant get i worked in singleplayer.


It should be compatible with SP GTAV, I just don't provide install or support for it in that format as I don't use SP, only FiveM. Double check how you setup the DLC pack correctly (if using one, optionally use the replace method is still somewhat valid, though not highly recommended).

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If you want to use this or any other vehicle for sp use, just go to lcpdfr.com and download LML or lenny's modloader.

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