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2015 Ford F-250 Light Duty Rescue / ESU Truck | FiveM Ready 1.0

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Welcome lads and lasses to yet another GPM Exclusive upload. First I'd like to say thank you for the support on my previous files despite not being the best in designs, I've redone some old projects and hope to release more for y'all in the coming weeks. The first of which is this gorgeous 2020 Ford Explorer ST with some bangin' features.



- FiveM Ready

- Cab Templated Only (See Description for Jack's F-250 Template)

- Templated for custom Lighting

- Red/Blue by Default

- Default Interior

- Standard Lighting

Come standard Red/Blue/Amber, you are free to edit the colors to be All Red / All Blue, etc.


[Extra 1] Whelen Century Elite

[Extra 2] Pushbar


I am fully aware of a few minor issues such as the Box on the back not being templated (I haven't learned that yet) and the rear wheels being really snug, however it works.


Thank you once again for your support and please enjoy this file!! ^-^

    - With love 

Developed by yours truly, took some effort but it works well.

Base Model & Handling line: JackTheDev's Ford F-250 Regular Cab

Utility Box: Rogue Thunder

Pushbar: Rogue Thunder

Whelen Century Elite: Modeled by Walters & Rogue Thunder, Tir3 modules modeled by Five0, Lightbar stands modeled by RoegonTV, Light emissive textures by CJ24.

Whelen M2: OfficerFive0

Whelen Dominator: OfficerFive0

Do you have a Discord?: Not currently, if required I will get on in the future, feel free to DM if needed.


Do you plan to release more often?: Unsure, depends how busy with school I am.


Do you provide support for you work?: Unless it's a bug report or major issue with the file, not really, there are plenty of better resources out there than messaging me about it.

Do not Redistribute/Resell outside of GPM,

Do not rip or attempt to unlock this file or it's components

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