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LSPD Watch Dogs Based Pack [REFLECTIVE] - 4K V2.0

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Anything i release is exclusive to GTAPOLICEMODS.



This pack is based off The Chicago Police Department from the first Watch Dogs Game, These skins are not a 100% replica but a based design with Lore Friendly Additions. 



Currently included vehicles are 



- Matt's 2018+ Charger Template - PATROL/STEALTH/REFLECTIVE
- Georgie Moon's 2019+ Tahoe Template - PATROL/STEALTH/REFLECTIVE
- Georgie Moon's 2016+ Taurus Template - PATROL/STEALTH/REFLECTIVE
- Kane's Explorer 2016+ Template - PATROL/STEALTH/REFLECTIVE




All skins have a reflective option that can be used as a regular skin with a transparent background, This way the color of the vehicle can be changed in game with a trainer. 



All Skins have custom Number Plates.



As Usual If you would like to see more vehicles added let me know and i will do my best if the demand is high enough, i do plan on including more vehicles, specialist vehicles when more reflect enabled vehicles become available.









I hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed creating it


Edited by DjangoP054

What's New in Version V2.0


- Added 2020 Explorer Patrol and Stealth. 

- Quality of life improvements and fixes to existing skins. 

Skins by me. 

Q Can you add a vehicle that has not been included in this pack?

A Maybe, Leave a comment with the vehicle you want textured and i will see what i can do.


Q Can i use this in FIVEM 

A Yes, As long as it is not claimed as your own work. (You do not need to ask me first)


Q Can i use this on a model i have created and upload it?

A Yes, As long as it is not claimed as your own work and it is ONLY released on GTAPOLICEMODS.COM .  (You do not need to ask me first)

You can use these skins however you want and have my permission to do so. However, Please respect the time taken
to create these skins and credit me where applicable. 

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18 hours ago, troy1234 said:

how do you get the all blue for the charger with the lightbar. by the way amazing skins



I have included the download link in the readmee, You need to replace all the red textures with blue ones and change the reflections in the ELS file.

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6 minutes ago, troy1234 said:

ok sweet thank you 



If you need a hand with it let me know bud, take it to PM's

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