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Los Santos Police Department EUP Package | FiveM Ready | 1.0.0

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So I had this in the works for a while and if you're following my updates on my discord then you'd know the reason on why this was delayed for so long, anyways it's here now and I can admit, this isn't the best of my work but I needed to release something before I take that break..

Thank you for all the support and I'll hopefully be coming back with some bangers!

(Coming Soon Releases)

- SAFD EUP Package
- Civilian Clothes Package
- SADOT EUP Package

Texture Making or whatever: Me (https://discord.gg/C7DUhEu4JQ)
FiveM & SP Conversion: Me (https://discord.gg/C7DUhEu4JQ)
Finding The Models: Me (https://discord.gg/C7DUhEu4JQ)

Under Armour Patch: conconthegamer11#1158 (https://discord.gg/C7DUhEu4JQ)
LSPD Logo Patch: I forgot but if any of you guys know, please remind me lol.. (https://discord.gg/Idkyetlmao)


Product Terms of Service

Notice: You can NOT modifiy any of our products without permission from the Development Team. (If you're looking to modifiy a FREE release, go for your life we don't mind as long as you credit us.)

All our products are meant for Grand Theft Auto™ or FiveM.

If you modifiy any of our Free Releases you MUST show credit where credit is due.

Our Development Team have the right to deny your commission or request at any given time for any reason.

We are not responsible for any damages to the code or products after the transactions.

You do not own the rights to give away my products to anyone or anything.

We have the right to sell your custom order/commission at any given time for any given reason.

Re-selling, ripping or leaking any of our products will just end you having a great conversation with LeakGuard.

Products CANNOT be uploaded to Third Party sites, discords etc.

These guidelines are registered to change at any given time and it is your responsibility to keep up to date with them.


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