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Hello, I made this Traffic Enforcement Unit (TEU) livery pack for public release, I hope you enjoy it! 

This file includes:
- 2020 Dodge Charger TEU livery

- 2019 Dodge Demon TEU livery

- 2019 Ford F-150 TEU livery 

- 2019 Nissan GTR TEU livery 

- 2019 Ford Mustang TEU livery

My Discord: Damos#1813

Edited by Damos Designs
Updated to adhere to community guidelines.

If you like my liveries add me on discord and give me any feedback you may have. I do personal requests if you are interested.

Discord: Damos#1813

What's your discord?

Discord:  Damos#1813


What education do you have in reguards to making liveries?

I took 3 years of photoshop classes in High School, and since then I have educated myself. 


How long have you been makeing liveries?

Over 4 years!



You may ask me any other questions by sending me a DM on discord:  Damos#1813

- You may not redistribute this content and claim it as your own

- You may not modify this content in any way 

- All rights are reserved to *Damos Designs*


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