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[NON-ELS] Unmarked Whelen 2018 Ford Police Sedan 1.0.0

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Unmarked Whelen 2018 Ford Police Sedan (FPIS)

Non-ELS Compatible
Custom Carcols
Unmarked Type Interior
High Quality Model
Unmarked Setup


Extra 1 - Whelen XLP Visor Lights 
Extra 2 - Whelen RST rear lights

I put this out as paid and realized i should put it out for free so here you guys go 

Join my discord for more things like this Discord

This is FINAL and will not be edited or fixed 

Put together by Blazer Mods 


Wheelen XLP CEO
Wheelen Ion trio CEO
Cencom Modelled & Textured by Jakub
Console Model & Textures by CJ24
Edited by Jakub
Havis Integrated Control System FPIS Modeled by Matt/Peralta
Textured and Modeled in Blender by Othrin
FPIS ION grille mounts made by Krul
License plate bracket by onespeak

Q Will this be updated or fixed
A No

Q Do you have a discord

Q Why is it not radio.
A i did not really want to add one it unmarked and i was trying to go for that look 

Terms of Service/Use

1.Any files that you are given must not be shared with any other devs or people. Doing so without express permission from Me, othia, will be considered leaking. If you are found to be leaking you will be banned and not refunded.
2.Charge-backs after purchase will not be tolerated and again you will be banned from the server and ip banned from the website

3.Any attempt to unlock any models that you have been given will result in a ban.

4.Possession of stolen assets will be considered leaking and each case will be handled accordingly.

5.Any customer is subject to a search of their discord account for leaking servers or suspicious activity.
6. do not RIP my model.

7.I, Othia mods, am not responsible for any damage to your computer, server, or game..

8.No refunds of any kind for any reason after the product has been exchanged cases will be evaluated on a case by case basis this includes charge backs.


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