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Various Callouts 1.0.7

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VariousCallouts is a plugin for LSPDFR that adds 30 callouts to your LSPDFR patrol experience.

All download instructions are available here or in the download itself:
Install instructions:

Download and unzip VariousCallouts.zip folder

Extract the VariousCallouts.ddl file and VariousCallouts.pdb file to > Grand Theft Auto V > plugins > LSPDFR  
  Then extract the VariousCallouts Audio Folder to >Grand Theft Auto V > lspdfr > audio > scanner folder 
- LSPDFR 0.4.9 (or higher) 
- RagePluginHook 1.87 (or higher) 

Optional but not required

- Open All Interiors (Highly Recommended for residential burglary) 
- Stop The Ped by Bejoljo (Highly Recommended)
- Ultimate Backup by Bejoljo (Highly Recommended)
- Grammar Police (Highly Recommended)
- Immersive Dispatch (Highly Recommended)
- San Andreas CompuLite Charges and Citations by JBuzz826
- Realistic Question and Answers for STP by JBuzz826


- Adds several and different dialogs in the pack.
- Adds a variety of possibilities to each callout scenario
- In this pack are currently 28 callouts for LSPDFR. (See the callouts below)
- Customizable keys for dialogs and to force your current active callout to end. 
   Press the "Y" key for communication dialog with a suspect.
  Press the "END" key to force the callout to end.
- Version checker to let you know, if there is a new version out for VariousCallouts and LSPDFR.
- There are over 40 locations for each callout.
- You can enable/disable the callouts you want in the .ini .

 Current Callouts
- Store Robbery In Progress
- Reports of a Person With a Weapon
- Reports of a Gang Shootout
- Residential Burglary
- Drug Deal 
- Warrant Service
- Disturbance
- 911Report of Loud Music
- Reports of a Person walking on the LS highway network.
- Welfare Check Request
- 911 HangUp
- Gang Fight
- Suspicious Activity 
- Rape
- Public Disturbance
- Suspicious Person 
- Animal On the loose
- Intoxicated person on private property.
- Large Fight in progress at bar
- Grand Theft Auto
- Commercial Grand Theft Auto
- Trespassing
- Mental Health Crisis 
- Mental Health Crisis (Subject has a weapon)
- Public Intoxication
- Active Shooter
- Small Fight In Progress
- Active Shooter with multiple victims (Mass Shooting)
- Disorderly Conduct at Hospital (3 locations for now.)
- Restraining Order (Serve a restraining order against a suspect.)

What's New in Version 1.0.7


- Added new locations for 911 Disorderly Conduct call.
- Added new Gang fight and shooting locations.
- Added new callout. Large Gang Fight. 
- Revamped the 911 Loud Music Callout. Re did the entire code. Added new animations and more peds. 



Many developers of callout packs that inspired me to get into developing. 

Terms of service and End User License Agreement:

By agreeing to the use of this plugin for lspdfr you hereby agree to the following. 
 By downloading and using any of the following plugin/s: VariousCallouts, San Andreas CompuLite Charges and Citations and Penal Code Realistic and Lore, Realistic Q/A for STP, Realistic and Lore Friendly Search Items for STP.
 You hereby agree to the following license agreement:

You are not allowed to reupload the plugin/s on a 3rd party website such as lcpdfr.com, gta5mods.com or any other gta 5 modification website. This modification is exclusively here at Modifications Universe.
You are forbidden to distribute the content on any 3rd party program. This also includes Discord or any other option to distribute the plugin.
If you have found this plugin/s on another website or in a program, you are not allowed to download and use the plugin.

You are forbidden to modify, decompile or sell any of the plugins listed above. In addition, you are not allowed to claim any of the above mentioned plugins as your own.

If you disagree with any part of the license then you are not allowed to download and use any of the above mentioned plugins. The material here is copyright 2021 to JBuzz826. 


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