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2016 Chevy Caprice PPV Base Model 1.0.1

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Good Morning. After nearly a year in development I've decided to release whats left of the Caprice. 


Most of the guys who have worked on the project have left, and wish to remain unamed in the credits. 


This model is technically finished, but its not the best. It has no LODs, Collisions are Decent, Textures arent the Greatest, some things need remodeling. 


However, there are still alot things that work on it. It comes a few options for things, it has working dials, Emis works.


Dials work with Police3. 


If you decide to finish it, please don't sell your edits of it. That was the whole point of this project. If you do, send it to me, I'll list it up on this release.


Join my Discord:

Edited by bevarnow

What's New in Version 1.0.1


-Fixed Shiny Headlights (Thanks Georgie!)

-Fixed Steelie being more Grey than Black (Thanks Georgie!)

-Some random things weren't LOD'd, so thats been done. 


Thats all. Yall enjoy. 





Since Alot of the Guys want to remain unamned, I'll only include some of the major people and their contrubtions.


Dbanker96: Father and Funder of the Project, he bought the Hum3D Model and has worked with us since the first release
Elf: Elf has made Templates for the Caprice, 
Hyena: He rerendered the Template so it looks much better
Chris P.: I was the one who started this project nearly (I just checked, its been a year) a year ago. I've worked alot on it.

Q.) Can I sell with it?
A.) Sure, just please don't do ridiculous prices


Q.) Why wasn't it finished?
A.) Lack of Motivation, Time Unavailable, mainly it. 


Q.) There only a .z3d file, how do I install into my game?

A.) You can't

If you want to sell with it, you can. Just don't do really high prices. 


If you decide to fix anything on it, please don't sell it. Just send it to me and re-upload with your credits. 

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