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Grapeseed Township Police Mini-Pack 1.0.0

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Grapeseed Township Police Mini-Pack 1.0


I'm still a newbie, however I am getting better! Please be kind in the comments.


Usual things apply, please no re uploading or anything of that kind.


This uses Ripples' LCSO Liberty Pack addon/replace pack [ https://www.lcpdfr.com/downloads/gta5mods/vehiclemodels/27617-els-lcso-liberty-pack/ ] (only the 2014 Tahoe and 2011 CVPI)

I AM planning on expanding this pack further with more vehicles, and maybe updating the Tahoe so it is not as "blank" as I think it looks currently.



This livery package is not based on any department, I came up with the design, however simple it may be. 
I suggest you use the replace version of this pack so that you don't have AI riding around in these rigs, and so they don't take up any of your precious vehicle slots.


Join my discord for exclusive WIPS, fun chats, and giveaways! https://discord.gg/3jNhJ2dGz4

Edited by yatt

Ripple - LCSO Pack Used
Myself - duh, the skin.

Question: Will I make liveries for Non-ELS vehicles? Answer: Yes, however they may take more time because there are limited, good quality, free Non-ELS vehicles. So I may need to order them
Question: Do I do commissions? Answer: At this time, yes! Join my discord to order!
Question: Do I make EUP? Answer: Currently no, however I plan on learning in the future.



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