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18 Screenshots

This is my first ever project If there are any issues please lmk so i can try to fix them also lmk 


My Discord: Biggz#0001 

SPECIAL THANKS TO Nova Development For helping me with making the lights and textures work and for everything he has helped me with

also big thank you to Preston for helping me learn how to do shit!


other than that hope you like the car 


SIDE NOTE.... Make sure you have prm and wrn set to scan in order to use my light patterns!!


BIG BOY SIDE NOTE.... I will be releasing a full on large bcso els pack that includes unmarked cars a k9 2021 f150 (car nearing completion) either a 2021 tahoe or 2016 tahoe a 2021 durango ppv (durango is almost fully done just need to finish the livery for it) a heavily armored swat truck  made by the one and only vincentsgm, a bcso boat, a bcso helicopter, a bcso plane, bcso motorcycle and more!



ezgif.com-gif-maker (5).gif

unknown (14).png


Bcso early pics.PNG

Bcso early pics2.PNG

Edited by biggz
Removed Ad.

If i forgot to credit anyone please dm me so i can add them!

vehicle model
2018 Dodge Charger Pursuit by Matt


Whelen Century Elite By RAZ3R


Feniex_PlateMounts(quad) By RAZ3R


SpeedTech lights Virtue_8 advisory By Fox Dev [Kyle Jeens the Furry#0871]


Whelen Inner edge XLP By Dan with da Van


SideRunners By Raptor2000


Whelen ION By CEO


Spotlights - Cj24 


Rambar - Jophics


German Sherpard Air Freshener by Gump


Gun Mount By Black Jesus


M4A1 assault rifle By WJM Modifications


Remington 870 shotgun By Billy Johnsson


Progard Seat Organizer Converted to GTA V by Koduuh


RedBull & Coke Cans By Morty#5304


MPH-900 ALPR Modeled by Joshua Tanner. Taxtures by Jakub. 


Stalker Radar by Carper, Textures by Carper


Centre Console Models - Jakub Textures - Jakub & Walters


Laptop Stand -Orginally modeled by John Fitzgerald

-Bought by Chris P. "bevarnow" from Turbosquid

-Polycrunched, and UV Textured by Chris P. "bevarnow"


- 2018 dodge charger molded seating - billyjmodifications


Pro-gard Charger partition billyjmodifications


Galls Citation Holder: Twurtleee


-Motorola APX 6500 Modeled, Textured and UV mapped by Dan with da van


 Motorola antennas modeled and textured by Cj24.


Brother Pocketjet Printer By BC DESIGNS


L-3 Mobile-Vision Dashcam By Magictrickzz


Panasonic Toughbook CF-54 By OfficerUnderwood


Antennas Plus LTE Cell PCS GPS Antenna By OfficerFive0


Setina Based Door Bars By LixLyte


Laird Phantom TRA4103 By OfficerFive0

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29 minutes ago, ShoneAxe said:

what is prm and wrn

primary and warning lights so once you get in the car click ctrl p for els menu then click alt u and alt o it should make them turn to scan then just turn your lights on and enjoy!

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23 minutes ago, ShoneAxe said:

Im using FivePD and none of the lights work, i hear sirens but no lights at all, any suggestions?


i do not know much about FivePD but are you using els?

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23 minutes ago, o0hmeng said:

when will the PACK be completed?

I am not 100% sure i might release it as 2 or maybe even more packs or release some of the vehicles before releasing the pack as i have finished around 10 cars so far but making over 20 vehicles in total

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8 hours ago, mandles22 said:

how do I make this work in game?


Install the vehicle into patchday 25 then just put the els file into the pack default of els in gta and start the game the car is made to replace sheriff so make sure to spawn in sheriff once in game and it should work for the light patterns that are set already in the car simple click ctrl and p at the same time then alt u, i, o they should each say scan and you are set I will be updating this car soon as it was my first car and obviously has some issues like not the best lights and some interior so look out for that!

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